12 Weird and Unusual Ways to Travel

Sometimes it’s nice to take the road less traveled. We tip our hats to those who dare to go off the beaten path.

1. The fastest toilet ever

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-1A stuntwoman sets a new land speed record for motorized toilets at 46mph.

2. A stretch scooter (for those special occasions)

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-2This 72 foot long “motorcycle” is as long as a tennis court and rocks 25 seats.

3. A Mini boat

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-3This one of a kind convertible Mini boat floats down river in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

4. A dolphin

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-4The 15ft long Seabreacher dolphin-shaped submarine has a top speed of 45mph above water and 20mph below water.

5. Beer cans

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-5Participants partake in the annual Darwin Beer Can Regatta in Australia.

6. Your very own island boat

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-6This luxury floating island rocks six double rooms, with room for 12 residents, and accommodation for up to four staff members.

7. A floating ice cream truck

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-7Ice cream is served up from the world’s first amphibious ice cream truck, the ‘HMS Flake 99’, from the Thames River in London.

8. Your old pool table

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-8Capable of up to 100mph, this mobile pool table also features a refrigerator, a pop-up LCD tv and a custom sound system.

9. A hot tub

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-9This hot tub boat can fit up to six people and the water is heated by a wood burning stove.

10. Your garden

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-10An Australian man attempts to create the ultimate “green car” by covering it with 20 square meters of artificial grass.

11. A souped-up stroller

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-11For dads on the go, this motorized stroller can reach top speeds of up to 50mph.

12. Your friend’s skateboard

12-weird-unusual-ways-travel-12Measuring in at 36 feet long, this giant skateboard is 12 times as large as a standard skateboard and can fit up to ten people.

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