20 Spectacular and Astonishing Landscape Wallpapers from National Geographic

For today’s article, we have searched in the National Geographic’s archive of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth and found these amazing photos that you can download and use as a desktop wallpaper. These amazing landscapes, that only from watching them from a photo give you goose bumps, are probably nature’s most beautiful creations and a place that we all hope to get to visit sooner or later.

Toad River Valley

Coastline, The Snares

Painted Hills Rainbow

Fishing, Celebes Sea

Puffin, Shiant Islands

Pantanal, Brazil

Fly Geyser, Nevada

Tundra Landscape, Russia

Cotton Grass, Iceland

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Park, South Dakota

Tree, Arches National Park

Hot Air Balloons, Cappadocia

Church of Rodel, Outer Hebrides

Tulip Farm, Tasmania

Horses, Mongolian Steppe

Playa Flamenco, Cuba

Alatna River Valley, Gates of the Arctic

Mount Moran, Grand Teton National Park

River House, Serbia


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