Celeste – A River With Turquoise Colour Water

The Celeste river is located in the Tenorio National Park at Guatuso, Alajuela. The name Río Celeste, which means Blue River, is obvious in meaning but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of describing the splendor that springs from this corner of Costa Rica. The water of the river has naturally rich turquoise color, by the chemical reaction of sulfur and calcium carbonate with each other give this river water a unique color. This phenomenon is related to volcanic activity in the region.

Celeste- Light-Blue-River-11

Celeste- Light-Blue-River-6

Celeste- Light-Blue-River-10

Celeste- Light-Blue-River-3

Celeste- Light-Blue-River-7

Celeste- Light-Blue-River-5

The hot springs are parts of the river that receive currents of volcanic heat and minerals. Swimmers love these warm pockets, which are the only place in the park where swimming is allowed. Be sure not to miss the hot springs.

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