Netherlands in the Snow: the Best Old photos

Amongst themselves, the Dutch often refer to the Netherlands as their chilly old Frog-land. This evocative Dutch expression reflects the way the Dutch see their own country: cold and damp. Holland is certainly not tropical but neither is it frozen: meteorologically speaking, the country is located in a temperate weather region with moderate temperatures. Its capital, Amsterdam, is on roughly the same line of longitude as one-time Winter Olympic venue Calgary in Canada, Warsaw in Poland and the city of Irkutsk in Eastern Siberia but unlike them, the Netherlands enjoys the warm benefits of the Gulf Stream, the global air current which draws tropical air from the Caribbean area up to the north-west of Europe. This means Amsterdam has warmer average temperatures than its longitudinal sister-cities. The prevailing southwesterly airflow is occasionally – but often rudely – interrupted by spells of colder continental air from eastern central Europe. There is something magical about snow. Yes, snow scene of Holland, quite rare.

The snow covered bikes of Amsterdam in Holland

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