The Best Destinations For A Fall Getaway

Fall is always a good time to visit some new place and experience something different. The hotel rates and the flight tickets are usually less expensive than in the summer when is the high season. So, if you were thinking about where to go, scroll down because we give you The Best Destinations For A Fall Getaway!


This romantic place is always a good choice for traveling, but if you decide to go there during the fall season you will for sure pay less money on hotel rates. Also, you can easily get to the top attractions since there is less crowd than in the high-season.

Autumn-In-Paris-1New York

They say New York is the city of all seasons, but if you have a chance to be there in autumn, you will be amazed by the trees in Central Park colored in the shades of red, yellow and orange.


Like New York City, Boston is also a good choice for autumn, because you can enjoy in the beautiful colors of this season.


The best reason for visiting Munich in autumn, is of course the Oktoberfest. We hope that you have already booked your flights, so that you can be part of this Oktoberfest, full of carnival rides, Bavarian food and beer.

munich-autumn-1Las Vegas

This Sin city is full of visitors all year round, but if you go there in autumn you will for sure save some money on hotel rates.


Melbourne is the perfect place for those of you who doesn’t love fall and rainy days, because in Australia is  springtime. You will be amazed by all the blooming flowers in Melbourne.


The best time to visit Istanbul is definitely during the fall season. There are less crowds and the hotel rates are really affordable.


If you visit Amsterdam from September to November, you will have the chance to experience this city just as the locals do.

amsterdam-autumn-1San Francisco

The best time to go to San Francisco is from September to November, because there are less crowds and the prices are much affordable than in the high season.

Fishing at the Golden Gate, San FranciscoChicago

The hotel rates in Chicago during the fall season are quite reasonable. Also there are a lot of festivals taking part in fall, that will keep you entertained.


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